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Waterfront & Preserve View Real Estate Pricing.

House and homesite packages from the $900′s and on the Manatee River from $1.4M

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The Islands on the Manatee River has three neighborhoods of Luxury Residences and Estate Homesites. The following is a listing of available Estate Homesites and pricing in The Islands.  The Islands on the Manatee River also has a selection of Furnished Models available for sale.

2Direct RiverfrontRive IsleYes (1).51750,000
6Direct Riverfront Rive IsleYes (1).88915,000
(Includes Dock
and Boat Lift)
8RiverfrontRive IsleYes (2).44470,000
9RiverfrontRive IsleYes (2).54SOLD
10Direct RiverfrontRive IsleYes (1).63605,000
11Direct RiverfrontRive IsleYes (1).78625,000
12RiverfrontRive IsleYes (2).61500,000
13RiverfrontRive IsleYes (2).53460,000
14RiverfrontRive IsleYes (2).81520,000
15RiverfrontRio Vista EstatesYes (2).70SOLD
16Riverfront Rio Vista EstatesYes (2).68515,000
17Riverfront Rio Vista EstatesYes (2).57500,000
18Riverfront Rio Vista EstatesYes (2).86550,000
19Direct Riverfront Rio Vista EstatesYes (1).70695,000
21Direct RiverfrontRio Vista EstatesYes (1).51750,000
22Direct RiverfrontRio Vista EstatesYes (1).52760,000
24Direct RiverfrontRio Vista EstatesYes (1).47740,000
25Direct RiverfrontRio Vista EstatesYes (1).54765,000
26Direct RiverfrontRio Vista EstatesYes (1).56775,000
27Direct RiverfrontRio Vista EstatesYes (1).52760,000
28Direct RiverfrontRio Vista EstatesYes (1).50750,000
65Central HarborRio Vista Estates
The Tindarra by John Cannon Homes - Furnished Model
Yes (1).42Call for
66Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).43365,000
67Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).48380,000
68Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).48375,000
69Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).48375,000
70Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).48380,000
71Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).48380,000
72Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).51385,000
73 Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).48380,000
74Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).50SOLD
75Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).50390,000
76Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).50390,000
77Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).50390,000
78Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).50390,000
79Central HarborRio Vista EstatesYes (1).59SOLD
92East HarborRive IsleYes (1).54375,000
115Central HarborHarboursideYes (1).47375,000
116Central HarborHarboursideYes (1).45370,000
118Central Harbor
The Windward by Lee Wetherington Homes - Furnished Model
Yes (4).421,679,995
121Central HarborHarbourside
The Avila by Arthur Rutemberg Homes - Inventory Home
Yes (4).44SOLD
122Central HarborHarboursideYes (1).44382,000
123Central HarborHarboursideYes (1).44SOLD
139North HarborHarboursideYes (1).41385,000
140North HarborHarboursideNo.50325,000
141North HarborHarboursideYes (1).44390,000
149North HarborHarbourside
The Novara by Arthur Rutenberg Homes - Furnished Model
Yes (4).46SOLD
150North Harbor Harbourside
The Corindi by John Cannon Homes - Furnished Model
Yes (4).46SOLD
158Preserve/LakeHarboursideYes (3).44SOLD
160Preserve CornerRive IsleNo.57295,000
161PreserveRive IsleNo.44270,000
167PreserveRive IsleNo.46272,000
168PreserveRive IsleNo.39260,000
169PreserveRive IsleNo.40265,000
175PreserveRive IsleNo.44270,000


(1)  These homesites have been approved for a boating dock.

(2)  These homesites include a fully constructed boat slip with lift in the Marina Park.  Also approved for a riverfront observation dock behind the residence.

(3)  These homesites include a fully constructed boat slip with lift in the Marina Park.

(4)  Models and inventory homes include a fully constructed observation dock.  Boating dock upgrade available.